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The protection of privacy of individuals online is of significant importance to the future of online business transactions and the development towards a true internet economy. With this declaration on data protection ProDyne GmbH would like to emphasise its commitment to safe and trustworthy trade on the Internet and to the protection of privacy and the personal rights of individuals.




This website ("site") is managed by ProDyne GmbH. With your access or use thereof in any other form you consent to the conditions of the guidelines for data protection as specified below. If you are not in agreement with these guidelines, we ask you to refrain from further accessing or otherwise using the website.

Please feel free to direct any questions, suggestions and comments to us via e-mail. You may send your e-mail to: info(at) Please be sure to include your name, address and/or e-mail address in your message.


Third-Party Information


With your transfer of personal information to ProDyne GmbH in connection with a specific action on this site, you consent to the transmittal, storage and processing of said data by ProDyne GmbH and it authorized partners for the purpose of processing the action and updating associated databases. Your personal data will not be transmitted for any other purpose without your express authorization.


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