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Extraordinary features for power and speed.
Whether for support, sales, management or other departments, using microMeet you are able to collaborate online with your colleagues, customers or partners, worldwide. Innovative standard features and special product features are making microMeet to one of the most powerful Realtime Collaboration platforms.

These Standard Features are the base of microMeet:


Application and Desktop Sharing
Grant your contact a view of your desktop or view his screen to see just what your contact sees.

Selecting applications
Only selected applications are shown and can be controlled remotely.

Change viewing angle
Spontaneous change of the viewing angle for showing and viewing screen contents.

Remote control
The customer can grant your employee remote control of his computer during the remote desktop session and remove access at any time with the touch of a key.

Full keyboard and mouse control
Control over keyboard and mouse always remain with the demonstrating user. This avoids any disputes over the cursor.

Security creates confidence
microMeet offers the security required to discuss even sensitive screen contents. This is ensured by the encryption standards SSL and 256-bit AES. This creates trust with you and with your business partners.

Digitally Signed Software
For security reasons every microMeet products is digitally signed with the Thawte Code Signing.


Sending text messages
Communicate via chat and send text messages with hyperlinks.


Personal notes
Take personal notes during a microMeet session and save them at the end of the session.

Auto-scaling & Zoom
Your transmitted screen is automatically adjusted to the client's screen size and can be enlarged for detailed view.

Transferring data
Send your customers the required documents and files using file transfer.

Drag & Drop to remote Explorer
Drag files to the screen of the remote computer using drag & drop and transfer files with the usual drag & drop method into any desired folder of the remote computer.

Record & replay
Simple recording and replay of microMeet desktop sessions. The sessions recorded are saved in a proprietary format and cannot be changed at a later date.

Taking screenshots
Take screenshots of the remote screen in order to save them and possibly later e-mail them to a third party for further analysis or processing.

Full Vista support
High-performance screen transmission for all Microsoft Vista versions.

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