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 microMeet admin for Remote Administration.
Administrate unattended PCs, notebooks and servers quite simply from anywhere, at any time. microMeet admin gives your support staff easy access directly to computers without time-consuming VPN configuration or changing the configuration of firewalls and proxies. Once installed on the target computer remote access via microMeet admin is possible from anywhere.

Therewith you can access every single computer anytime with just one click, securely and comfortably and combined with ease of use, reliability and best in class transaction quality.

Trust in microMeet admin for Remote Service to remain flexible.

Your benefits
haken_blau.gif PCs, notebooks and servers can be administrated remotely worldwide.
haken_blau.gif Be more flexible to access any single host system anytime from anywhere.
haken_blau.gif Autonomous remote access thanks to an installed service on the host.
haken_blau.gif Solve most problems and tasks remotely without on-site service.

Why microMeet admin?
Remote administration anytime: Install new software, drivers or updates remotely on any computer in the world, whenever necessary. With microMeet admin you have a permanent overview over every single PC, notebook or server you have to administrate.

Access unattended computers remotely: microMeet admin runs as a service on the computer you want to administrate. Therefore it gives you remote access to unattended computers to administrate them from any place at any time.

Runs trouble-free with Firewalls and Proxies: Reliable session establishment even when microMeet admin runs behind firewalls or proxies, without changing the configuration.

A Strong duo: microMeet admin fits perfectly together with microMeet desktop, our ad-hoc Remote Desktop solution, to equip your support staff with an overall support solution.

Security is essential: Only when your customers feel secure will they allow your support staff to access their own computers. microMeet guarantees customer security in several ways.

Save time and costs and protect the environment: microMeet admin significantly reduces on-site support. Customer problems and questions can be solved remotely which considerably reduces business travel and therefore saves costs. And additionally, with microMeet admin you help protect the environment.
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