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Special VISTA Features assure trouble-free usage
Windows Vista's new graphic interface and the new Vista security functions (UAC) are a challenge for the transmission of screen contents and remote control for remote maintenance. microMeet offers a variety of special features for Microsoft Windows Vista operating systems. Thus, all microMeet products can be used with Vista unrestricted.

Special Features for Microsoft Windows VISTA

Windows Aero

Special handling of Windows Aero
microMeet supports a special method for optimised remote transmission of desktops with activated Windows Aero. This ensures extremely fast screen transmission of the entire desktop even with Windows Aero active.

Transparente Fenster

Optimised remote transmission of transparent windows
Many applications nowadays appear in the form of semi-transparent windows. The LunaX technology used by microMeet will even transfer these windows without a problem and at the usual speed.


Transmission and control of UAC Windows
microMeet offers the option of being started with administrator or even system access. This allows for the transmission and control of the new Microsoft VISTA UAC windows. All this, as usual, without installation.


Transmission and remote control of protected system areas
Even especially protected system areas such as the login screen can be transmitted and controlled by microMeet without installation and without problems.

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