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Stay flexible with our fair licensing.
Our Software-as-a-Service offer provides you with a licensing that guarantees maximum flexibility combined with fair pricing.

The microMeet license model is based on a Concurrent Session Model where only the number of parallel microMeet sessions are billed. The Master Client can be used flexibly within your company because it is not limited to a specific workstation or user.

Elements of a microMeet license

microMeet Customer Client
The microMeet Customer Client is used by your contact person to join a microMeet session. You can distribute this client unlimited times.

microMeet Master Client
The microMeet Master Client is used in your company. Within your company you are allowed to distribute the Master Client freely with no restrictions on workstations or users.

microMeet Concurrent Session
Customers have only pay for the number of concurrent session they need.

microMeet Host Client
For the purpose of remote administration of PCs, notebooks or servers the microMeet host will be installed on these machines. It makes sure that the authorized administrator has access to the computers at all times.

microMeet teamserver
The microMeet teamserver is responsible for the session management and is provided and administrated by microMeet. As a customer you use the microMeet teamserver as a part of the Software-as-a-Service model.
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