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 microMeet desktop for Remote Support.
Rely on microMeet desktop for your customer service and help desk to have fast and cost-efficient access to remote computers at all times. Thus, by using Remote Support you are able to solve computer or user problems online in the same manner as if your support staff were on-site.

microMeet desktop runs without installation and can be used intuitively without any training. Because problems can be solved much faster you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Simply offer more service than your competition.

Your benefits
haken_blau.gif Worldwide on-demand User Support with Remote Support.
haken_blau.gif Reduce on-site customer support by offering Remote Support via the Internet.
haken_blau.gif Increased customer satisfaction due to faster problem solving.
haken_blau.gif Raised first contact resolution leads to increased efficiency.

WhymicroMeet desktop?
Usable at any time without installation: With microMeet desktop hotline and technical support staff can access the caller’s computer in seconds. Therefore, neither master nor client has to install anything.

Runs trouble-free with Firewalls and Proxies: Reliable session establishment even when microMeet desktop runs with firewalls or proxies. Changes in configuration are not necessary.

High-Level User Acceptance: The ease of use of microMeet desktop ensures high-level user acceptance either on the master as well as on the client side. microMeet desktop can be used without any product training.

Innovative Features: microMeet desktop also offers innovative functions besides its standard features. These range from the display of a support report and a broad Vista compatibility to drag & drop and explorer file transfer. These features make customer support even more efficient and extensive.

Security is essential: Only when your customers feel secure will they allow your support staff to access their own computers. microMeet guarantees customer security in several ways.

Save time and costs and protect the environment: microMeet desktop significantly reduces on-site support. Customer problems and questions can be solved remotely which considerably reduces business travel and therefore saves costs. And additionally, with microMeet desktop you help protect the environment.
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